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I’m going to step aside from my personal business for a moment to make a shout-out for a promising new publication made by recons that have been instrumental in my own research:  Óðrœrir, at http://odroerirjournal.com/

A heathen publication that focuses on the reconstruction of historical cultures, Óðrœrir is made to be by heathens for heathens, but also offers up pieces of literary meat for the non-heathen that wants to know more about their ancestors. The first issue touches on a variety of topics that go beyond the “typical” Viking Iceland stereotype, such as “Frankish Heathenry” and “Women in Heathenry”. There are also articles explaining what the authors mean by the terms “reconstructionism” and “heathen”, which shows readers what to expect in later issues.

Each article has a bibliography, some of which take up a page even (which I love, the more the merrier!), and there are book reviews at the end. True to their word of being by heathens, there are also works of art, photos, and comics scattered throughout the text. There is a hope to get additional literary works added in future issues, such as heathen poetry and fiction, and additional sections for things such as heathen businesses and crafts.

Keep an eye out for the next issues, and feel free to contact them at their email submissions@odroerirjournal.com if you would like to make a contribution or have questions.

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