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Day 10: Patrons

I don’t have any patrons. It’s not a concept I believe in. However, there are gods that have great personal significance for me: Csodaszarvas, Fra Berta, Volos, and Parom. If I did believe in patronage, they would be the ones I’d petition.

In the past I’ve also referred to Grandmother Spider as being a significant deity for me, but lately I’ve been questioning the idea. Spiders themselves are still highly important to me, but I really don’t know if the spider experiences actually have any link to Her. Rather, like the foxes, I’m starting to feel that the spiders are significant beings in their own right, rather than being representative of a deity.

(And I know that I keep referring to “the foxes” without any context. They’ll be day 14 of this list, as they’re a unique aspect of my beliefs and experiences that need their own space to be satisfactorily described).

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In Honor of Frau Berchta’s Day

Flying, Spinning, Flying, Spinning,

Lady of the Night,

Let your troops come home to me

Settle for the night.

I have no fish or oats to offer

Due to problems unforeseen.

Please take to heart this promise

Dear Lady of the Woods,

At a later date I will

Set a meal for the night.

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