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In the Grand Scheme of Things © I’m just your average college student swinging 20-something in the Great Lakes region of the US. Religion-wise I’m a Central-European Heathen and school-wise I’m an Environmental Science graduate student with a specific focus on wildlife and botanical ecology. Lately I’ve been engrossed in research regarding spider identification and population trends in Southern Florida, USA. Future plans include continuing my ecology interest in either a museum or forest preserve career, and being involved in parrot rescue. I currently have 2 rescue cockatiels taking over my life (and my apartment); there will likely be more in my future.

Outside of schooling, I enjoy reading non-fiction, spinning yarn, crocheting/knitting, illustration, and ceramics when I have access to a studio.

2 responses to “About the Blogger

  1. Hi, I’m very interested in your blog post about Hungary and Deer. I am half Hungarian, have been teaching shamanic workshops for about 25 years, self-identify as Pagan, and have recently started teaching a weekend course called Singing Wolf, Listening Deer. One of my students found your blog while doing on line research stimulated b the class. My Dad’s side of the family is Danish.

    • Hi! It’s great to hear that pagan practices are occurring in Hungary despite the long Catholic history, and it’s interesting that you found my blog during your class. I hope it was useful 🙂

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