About the Blog

I started this blog as a means to record historical and cultural information relevant to my reconstructionism attempts. Inspired by Germanic and Celtic reconstructionists, I try to dig up historical pagan information about my Central European heritage to bring into my own little corner of the pagan world. My main focus are the South Germanic/Austrian and Hungarian cultures per my known ancestor’s origins (and is the source of this blog’s title, as a reference to the Danube river they once lived by). As I live in the US, there are also posts regarding local deities and customs of where I live, as in my opinion it’s disrespectful to ignore the land one lives on in favor of a romanticized one existing far away in space and time.

However, I’ve decided to make this join the ranks of numerous pagan blogs and combine the research with personal posts (categorized as Reflections). This is now a blog about my journey overall, and what I think about it. Recon is my primary “religious” method of discovery and discussion, but UPG will occasionally be shared in posts where it’s appropriate. Research vs. UPG will be made clear in my posts through the citations at the bottom. If you are unable to access the cites or would like a copy of a particular .pdf, send me a comment with an email and I’ll try to help you out.

My own email is motherdanube@gmail.com

7 responses to “About the Blog

  1. Cathy Cooper

    Hello there. I came across your blog because I was researching the Hungarian Sun Stag for a college project. I am a very mature Photography student and am basing my latest project on the wonderful poem by Ferenc Juhasz – The Boy Changed into a Stag Clamours at the Gates of Secrets. I read this work back in the 1970s and it has always stayed with me. Now I am going to try and produce a series of photographs to illustrate it. I haven’t looked at your blog properly yet but there is some interesting stuff there. I am a great fan of Inuit and Sami art and folklore. I live in the UK and have a Word press site which has nothing in it yet.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello! I’m sorry for not seeing your comment before. I’m glad you like the blog and I hope your photography series on the stag gos well! I understand what it’s like to have a piece of art or literature really resonate with you ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Bettybamalam

    Thanks for getting back to me. My project was a great success and I got top grade for it.

  3. I love your blog and shall follow it! ๐Ÿ˜€ I guess my Paganism is quite similar to yours. I would be really interested in the sources (also original language) of your research on Magyar beliefs, you’re a gold digger to find them! (I always start, then give up out of frustration. can hardly find anything! I guess the archeologists felt same…)

    • Hi and welcome to the blog! I’m glad that you like it ๐Ÿ™‚ Im actually undergoing a project to make a master post of Magyar materials and resources to reference ( as well as a master list of resources I use in general). I don’t know how long it’ll take but I’m hoping to have it this year.

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