Youtube expansion?

Hi again, another not-on-topic blog post again but this’ll be a short one this time.

So I started up a YouTube channel (no videos or graphics yet) after seeing some other channels that discuss pagan stuff, like the headcovering topic, and thought that maybe an expansion of my own might be useful? Though I don’t have a whole lot I could talk about right now but maybe having my blog post topics be remodified for a video so that there’s an audio option for the topics I discuss. I already have a seperate channel for random spinning and pet videos so I felt that if I were to make religion videos it should be kept seperate. 

I recently made an expansion into tumblr and that has gotten some good results so far. Has anyone else used YouTube as a platform for religious discussion? 

(If I do make videos after all I’ll link the channel here then)


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9 responses to “Youtube expansion?

  1. Hi, I’ll admit I have problems watching videos, except when they have a written transcription but almost no one uses those. YouTube and Facebook are two things I avoid using because it’s not very accessible to me, which sucks since everyone is going there.
    But I’m just one person and there are few like me, maybe it’s a good idea.
    Do you think you can communicate better like that?
    Do you think your readers will understand better or easily?
    Maybe this will help getting more people to listen you?

    Sadly I have no experience with that.

    I have to ask, what tumblr expansion?

    • Never mind I found the tumblr. Looks good.

    • Hi, this wouldn’t be a replacement but something to have in addition to this main WordPress blog.

      • So the content would still be available in written?

        Some people use youtube to post only new content and new posts, they mix written posts with video posts but not about the same topics, when they are about the same topic the author just uses the written post to talk more about the video, that’s what confused me.

      • Oh no it’d be more miscellaneous stuff, most likely in summation of whatevers written here on a topic. WordPress will be my primary platform no matter what additional sites I use.

      • Oh that’s great, go for it.
        Expansions can be great things.
        Since I still have you here you have my full support, if you were moving to another platform (besides tumblr, I can use that) I would start to dramatically cry missing your great posts, but this is good, expanding for newer publics and new formats can bring you more people interested on the topic. 🙂
        If you go ahead I wish you good luck and if you post about the inauguration I can reblog it for you so more people see it.

      • The context for all my replies is that I have tragic stories of finding an amazing blog and suddenly they post they are moving to YouTube and Facebook, or I am part of a great forum or yahoo groups and suddenly everyone goes to Facebook, so I read the start of your post thinking not again and that’s how you got all those replies here so sorry. Your posts are precious.

        Blessed are wordpress and tumblr, two barely accessible places with minimal privacy where I can still find people and can still use the platform. :/

      • I understand and agree completely! (And thank you for your kind words <3) I much prefer the written word to audio (partly because it looks nicer and partly because I'm deaf so written word is ultimately superior medium for me). I love WordPress and will be continuing to use this blog for pretty much everything. No worries!

      • Apparently WordPress ate the rest of my reply) I love WordPress and given how it looks much more professional than YouTube and for a deaf person like me much more accessible so this will be my primary platform for a good long while. My tumblr is basically the same posts (with simpler graphics and formats) for a different audience to be able to access and YouTube would be very marginal if I do use it. So no worries!

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