Dear Readers, please give me feedback!

3 things in particular, and be as brutally honest as you can be, I honestly don’t mind criticisms at all (as an artist and as a scientist I welcome critiques and criticisms as chances to improve myself, no matter how big or small they are).

1) So lately I’ve been kinda going into a lot of UPG/spirituality type things with my posts and while that’s fun, I feel like this blog has strayed from it’s original intention, which was to provide more scholarly information about central european customs that are, or could be, related to pre-Christian ones. How many of you like the more personal stuff and how many of you want more scholarly stuff?

2) After seeing quite a bit of people over time express interest in Magyar/Old Hungarian religion but were frustrated by lack of resources I’ve been thinking of doing a project on here to make a “Hungarian Religion” resource. Naturally this would be limited and biased by my American upbriging, but at the same time I too get frustrated by constantly running into personality cults or nationalistic groups. This would be a long-term undertaking, but essentially I wanted to gather up posts and resources and make a masterlist of everything that could possibly be in a “Magyar religion”. Should I do it? Would it be too presumptuous me to attempt this?

3) Do you guys like the “god post” style I’ve been doing, like this one? It’s more UPG than scholarly, which relates back a bit to my first question, so I’m wondering if you guys would prefer to see more historical information rather than my own imaginings.


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  1. Hi, I was going to comment on this when you posted but life happened :/

    I like the God Post format that you use but not if that was all you posted, more like a “weekly quick guide and information about this deity” kind of thing.

    I admit that (non-nationalist) Hungarian paganism informations are very needed but so are the exploration of way Deities are alive today, which is normally called upg, I’m not sure if you have the resources to write about both. I am curious from an academic almost recon kind of way, I like sourced material and history is important, but I want to even more know how can we relate to these deities today, so I’m divided in my opinions.

    I do like the way your blog is being written since I took a look at your archive (and I will probably read everything one headache-free day).

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