Day 11: Pantheon – Overview

If you have been following my blog for a while, then you’ll know that I look into a variety of neighboring cultures in Central and Eastern Europe, with greater emphasis on Magyar cultures (and it’s influences) because there’s so little known about its pre-Christian past compared to Germanic or Slavic cultures.  This mixture applies to the gods as well. Even if I have names, there’s little to no explanations or descriptions for many gods so I have to fill in the blank so to speak with concepts from possible cognate gods and with my own UPG. So while I do prefer to make things as historical as possible, and I base as much as possible in evidence presented by literature and archeology, there are some things that are gonna be major UPG here to at least keep things making sense for me.

Explanation on the cosmology structure can be found here. It’s essentially a World Tree structure, growing out of a giant deer skull. The Upper World is the crown, the Middle World the trunks and surface roots, and Underworld is below the surface deep into the skull. Surrounding this is the ancient sea, creating an island of sorts out of the skull and tree, and is ringed by mountains on the horizon. Surrounding all this are the Mother and Father of all, being both the material and the makers of all that is and will be.

The Origin

Arany Atyácska (Golden Father), Hajnal Anyácska (Dawn Mother)

Mother Danube (the Primordial Waters)

Upper World

  • Sunna (The Sun)
  • Napkirály (King of the Sun)
  • Mano (The Moon)
  • Hold Anya (Lady of the Moon)
  • Turul (Heavenly Messenger)

Middle World

  • Nagy Boldogasszony (Queen Mother)
  • Szélkirály (King of the Wind and Rain)
  • Hadúr (King of War)
  • Csodaszarvas (Miraculous Doe)
  • Tündér Ilona (Queen of Fairies)
  • Tabiti/Kresnik (Hearth Fire/Sacred Fire)
  • Fra Berta (The Bright One)
  • Volos/Zomok (The Serpent God)
  • House and Nature wihts
  • Ancestors


  • Ördög (King of the Dead)
  • Wihts of bad things

I’m going to be giving each one here a post (if I haven’t already) with my own understandings and associations, that way their roles will (hopefully) become clearer.

I also want to point out that the high gods are primarily Magyar ones, but the lower gods and mythologies are what I tend to associate with more Germanic and Slavic wihts (along with some Ho-Chunk and other Great Lakes tribes’ wihts, since I live in their area). This is the pattern I tend to find when researching Hungarian stories and culture, where the more formal sagas are distinctly Magyar, while the informal tales feel Slavic.


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2 responses to “Day 11: Pantheon – Overview

  1. I can’t believe i found this post, I gave up on the Magyar Gods and religion because I couldn’t find anything or anyone, just seeing the names here made me feel so emotional.
    I reached your blog because of a totally different reason but I’m so happy that I found this, and there are things here that are important for personal reasons that it’s hard to explain.
    I had no idea a deer/doe had that part on Magyar mythology that you mentioned on another post, I know so little, is there anyway to find informations about Magyar mythology and religion? I even accept upg, I’m just really excited, it’s been years since I looked for info and all I found was the same site and info, your post and blog has new things and things that match some important experiences for me.

    Thank you.

    • I’m so very glad that this blog has that effect on you! My own frustrations with no resources is what prompted me to make this blog in the first place so that others of similar interests could be found. (I was reading your about page and what’s funny is that I too am disabled (deaf) and I was once interested in the Queen Mother of the West as well. There’s a book on her in English as well as references to her in books about fox spirits, which is how I first learned about her. But obviously I never had a relationship with her, it was a one time idea that never got a response). Right now I’m on a phone so I can’t give you additional resources but when I get to a computer tomorrow or later this week I would be more than happy to share resources that aren’t listed or linked in the posts 🙂

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