Ok, this is not going to be the most formal of my posts here but gosh darn it I just need to get it out of my system cause it feels like such a cool piece of UPG right now.

So for the past several years there’s been a snake/winged snake figure that I have been researching and thinking about on-and-off for the past several years, and I’ve been interested in the snake cults of Central Europe. Naturally Veles is the most prominent figure of the snake cult due to him being one of the well-known Slavic gods, but while he’s well-known all around my target area he (or something like him) never really seems to be IN the target area. Yet at the same time I kept feeling like there was something to him that I needed to figure out.

A bit of digging and memory refreshing later I realized there was quite a bit of folklore dealing with snakes that is similar to the Veles associations (including the cattle/milk, magic, protection, and swamp ones) and also a possible corresponding figure by the name of Zomok (although they’re winged snakes, but still cthonic beings). I knew of Zomok before when reading about the Sárkány (Hungarian “dragons” though they’re usually in human form rather than being like the usual lizard-like animal) but never really made the connection between them and Veles, or of the snakes in general, until now. More on this later when I get into the “Snake God” post that’ll go into the specific associations between all these Veles figures.

Going into the UPG aspect, I live near a state natural area called Volo Bog that is a gorgeous quaking bog which shows plant succession all the way back to the last Ice Age.

Think about this for a moment. Veles is also called Volos. Veles is associated with swampy, wet earth areas. Volo Bog is a BOG. HOW DID I NOT SEE THE CONNECTION BEFORE?? Granted the name “Volo” probably isn’t due to the snake god but isn’t that an awesome coincidence??

Once the Spring thaw comes I’m gonna go visit. The last time I went to a quaking bog was Silver Lake Bog and it was absolutely magical (even with a disrespectful and annoying Frat boy in tow due to the visit being a college field trip).



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4 responses to “*Facepalm*

  1. Awesome! Looks like an amazing and beautiful area. I’d never heard of quaking bogs before, that sounds like a sight to see.

    • These 2 bogs I mentioned are essentially giant water beds, where the ground starts to “quake” and bounce more and more the further into the center you go, until you’re at the opening in the middle and (in the case of the aforementioned frat boy) you fall through. The different plant communities look almost like you’re going from the poles to the temperate zones and it’s very noticeable in concentric circles around the center of the former lake. They are indeed gorgeous and make you feel like you’re going back in time too.

      • That sounds amazing. I love being able to walk through multiple different plant communities on the same hike, there’s a few spots here in Santa Cruz, CA that are like that.

        You didn’t mention that the frat boy fell into the bog, serves him right!

      • Ha yea he’s just lucky it was really shallow from the organic buildup. That stuff can often be like going under ice where you get trapped under the moss and drown.

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