Day 5: Magic, spellcraft, mysticism etc

Back to the 30 days of Paganism meme. This will be a quick one.

I have very little personal interest in magic. Aside from the occasional casting divination and partly magic/partly prayer type of ritual in dire situations it has little purpose in my life. I do enjoy reading about magic rituals in historical/anthropological texts however.

As far as beliefs go about magic, I’m kind of agnostic about it. I don’t really have any belief in it, but I don’t have much of a belief against it. I’m highly skeptical of people who claim to be witches, magicians, shamans, or sorcerers and they’ll have to do a lot before I believe they’re not full of themselves or being delusional (I can’t control who uses those labels, but there are too many cases where I find the use of the labels extremely questionable and ignorant of what they actually mean, and I blame New Age literature for much of that).

However, I will admit that I think certain people in the world do have a legit magical/spiritual skill, and that there is a time and place for mystics in today’s world.

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