Whites-only Religion?

Now that I find myself getting more involved with contemporary heathenry (currently just through online forums and blog sites) and looking at what others say on top of doing research, I find myself getting increasingly jaded with the community as it is (and I’m very glad that asatrulore.org, the only heathen forum I regularly go on, remains civil and logical compared to the bullcrap I’m going to discuss).

I have multiple problems, but the one that really takes the cake is how racist some heathens can get, all over the world against anyone who doesn’t “look Germanic”.

The hell, what does “Germanic” even look like? The stereotypical blonde, blue-eyed, light-skinned person? Clearly these people paid too much attention to Hitler, and not enough to biology or history (and you don’t have to be a scientist like me to know the basics).

Because, if they had ANY understanding of human genetics, migration patterns, and (often unfortunate) mating habits, they’ll realize that white=/=European heritage, and that skin color is a poor indicator of one’s ancestors. My brothers and sister look completely white, but guess what? They’re 1/4 North African through a Grandmother! Are they not “white enough” for ya? My  cousins are half German, half Mexican, but don’t look white at all despite the large percentage of “white ancestry”. Is almost 50% still not good enough?

Know what though? That’s all besides the point. Heathenry is a form of “religious” customs based on CULTURE, and culture is NOT genetically predisposed. People who look completely different can be raised in the same culture and therefore share the same worldview, and that is what’s key in a heathen group (or any social group actually). By sharing a worldview, we have a shared means of communication and that is what allows us to best understand each other. Your skin color is not going to do any of that.

So if that’s what it comes down to, then forget it. I’d rather be alone in this the rest of my life than support idiots that keep heathenry tethered to 19th century idealism.




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5 responses to “Whites-only Religion?

  1. Awa

    Heathensagainsthate.org has an image HTML that you can place on your blog. Its useful in letting visitors know immediately that racism will not be tolerated on your site. I use a version on mine.

  2. Alex

    North Africans are white. So are Mexicans (Spaniards).

    • Nope. North Africans are only lumped together with white people in US census data which ignores actual ethnicities and Mexicans are a mixture of numerous races and ethnicities, with most Mexicans being non-white. Spaniards are white people from Spain, an entirely different country.

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