So what’s all this about…

I suppose the original title here by wordpress is appropriate actually. So “Hello World”, and welcome to my little corner of the web.

As shown in the sub-title, the purpose of this blog is to record explorations of my ancestry, which is (rather conveniently) located mostly in lands along the river Danube; oder Die Donau, in other words. In doing so I hope to regain traditions and beliefs that have been lost over the past century due to immigration and American pot-melting. I love living near Chicago, as the past 4 generations have before me, but working within a non-Christian worldview requires me to extend research beyond where I currently am.

Despite what I just wrote, this is not a blog dedicated to any form of paganism or heathenry, though who knows in the future. I’m mainly digging through whatever information I can find about my known ancestors’ homelands, and pulling out whatever useful bits there are. Mistakes will be made, concepts misunderstood, and the occasional experimentation or musing may not even make any sense, but that’s ok. It’s all part of the journey, and I would hope readers have enough sense to not take my word as holy writ anyhow.

My hope for the future is that some of what I post is useful for others, and creates connections. Let’s see if I can do that with the goal of one post a week 🙂


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2 responses to “So what’s all this about…

  1. Karl

    This is a wonderful resource! There is a lot of information, here, and you have done an incredible job of ascertaining, collecting, and presenting.

    I’m doing some research on a decorative silver piece, (I’m certain that it’s pagan in nature) originating in Budapest, and I need some help deciphering the imagery. The hallmark indicates that the piece was made sometime between 1872-1922, and the style is Late Victorian/Early Art Nouveau (which, supports the date of the hallmark). Unfortunately, the maker’s mark is unclear.

    The silver piece is a pouring vessel, approximately 20″ tall and 8″ round. The base is three bats, wings stretched and facing outward. They hold up a man emerging from a swirling ocean. He in turn, holds up a woman, also emerging from the water. With one hand she supports herself on his shoulder; her other hand holds a large, stylized seashell. (Now, here’s where it gets really interesting.) A large pair of BAT WINGS grow from her back, the tops of which also help to support the large shell.

    The provenance of this piece has been confirmed to the collection of a very important figure in Hungarian history, whose family was from the area of Transylvania.

    I have wracked my brain looking for references to Lilith and Poseidon or Neptune, but keep coming up empty-handed. I’ve even spoken with some Roman and Greek mythology experts, and they have no idea. Perhaps, the piece is allegorical for Air and Sea. But, I simply cannot accept the vagueness of that answer. He must be someone, she must be someone, and their story has to be known… somewhere.

    Could you, or perhaps, any of your readers help? I would be very appreciative.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Karl,

      Thank you for your kind words! As for the piece nothing pops into my head just yet but I’ll keep an eye out for any possible connections in my research and have the comment public in case readers do know it. It sounds like a fascinating piece.

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